3 March 2015

Here are ten facts that shed light on the hunger situation in Zambia. Please help WFP raise awareness by sharing these important facts on Twitter. 

Capacity Building
17 September 2014

A massive scale-up of the government's social cash tranfser programme necessited a major rethink of the data collection process. This is where WFP's Mobile Delivery and Tracking unit stepped in with an innovative technical solution.




11 July 2014

WFP has been contracted by the United Nations Development Programme through the Global Fund to distribute 4.8 million mosquito nets to 980 health centres across the country.

Livelihoods, Gender
24 April 2014

The Women's Empowerment through Animal Traction (WEAT) project is being implemented in two districts, Mazabuka in Southern and Kawambwa in Luapula Province. Heifer International Zambia has worked with community structures and local leadership to identify beneficiaries for the project.

School Meals
17 March 2014

In 2002/3, when Zambia suffered one of its worst droughts, the World Food Programme worked with the country's Ministry of Education to re-start school feeding. Initially, the programme reached only 10,000 school children in five districts. Just over a decade later, some 860,000 children in over 2,000 schools are now receiving school meals on a daily basis.

Crop Production
2 December 2013

In 2010, WFP partnered with Dunavant Zambia Ltd. to provide smallholder farmers with loans to buy tractors for ripping and ploughing. For one Zambian farmer, the purchase of a tractor has helped open up new business opportunities while benefiting other farmers nearby.

26 November 2013

When it was first formed in 2008, Musuungu farmers’ co-operative in the northern part of Zambia had a membership of only 25 people. But it has gone from strength to strength - and here's why....

Nutrition, School Meals
1 February 2013

It is starting to get light towards 6 o'clock in the morning and Petronella Kalaluka has just finished milking her seven cows. Pouring the milk into a stainless steel cylinder, she straps it to her bicycle and rides four kilometres to deliver it to the Palabana milk collection centre. Here, the milk is tested for freshness and collected by the processing company.

Crop Production, National Capacity, Procurement
26 December 2012

Simon Cammelbeeck answers questions about the food security situation in Zambia...and about the country's role as an emerging producer and exporter of maize in southern Africa.

P4P Stories from the field, Purchase for Progress
15 December 2011

Golden Lwiindi, 40, is a smallholder farmer in Zambia’s Southern Province. In the past five years, he has bred more than 50 goats, developed his farm, planted and sold a variety of crops, and bought a hammer mill. He says the secret to his success is  thinking of farming as a way to make money, not just as a traditional way of life – adopting new technologies and methods, crop diversification, record keeping and good planning also help.