The World Food Programme (WFP) supports food aid operations to the most vulnerable while establishing resilience to a country's overall food security. WFP's operations encompass:

Operations in Burkina Faso

200054Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation, Burkina Faso 200054Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO)
200438Regional Emergency Operation: Assistance to Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons Affected by Insecurity in Mali Emergency Operation (EMOP)
200509Building Resilience and Reducing Malnutrition - Burkina FasoProtracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO)
200671Logistics Capacity Development: Post-Harvest Food Loss Reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa through improved Storage and Handling at the start of the Supply Chain. Special Operation (SO)
200793Developing Resilience and Fighting MalnutritionProtracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO)

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