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Lack of funding has kept the CP on hold since June; under the HFP EMOP, 40 percent of mothers and children will not receive nutrition assistance for six of the 12 planned months. Overall, limited and late funding will leave 1.4 of nearly 1.7 million beneficiaries of the CP without assistance in November.

Following a three-week blockade of supply routes to Sa’ada town in October, WFP has been able to re-supply. Planned distribution to 55,500 IDPs in the town and camps is expected to begin 17 November.

Implementation of SFP for Sa’ada is still on hold due to the delayed arrival of commodities and required training. In the meantime, WFP is providing HEB to provide increased micronutrient value to children.

The South remains volatile, with clashes and demonstrations reported.

The influx of refugees from the Horn is growing and the proportion of families staying in the camp is higher than in the past. As a result, the number of camp residents and of children benefiting from school meals in the camp is on the rise and surpassing planning figures.

WFP is preparing to dispatch food rations for the November round of supplementary feeding; in addition to ongoing blanket feeding for PLW and children under 2, November will mark the first month of targeted feeding for moderately acute malnourished children under 5 (previously on hold pending the arrival of supplementary plumpy). GFD for the 4th and 5th months is complete; there is no funding for the 6th, final month.