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WFP Logistics - Anywhere on the Planet

Logistics - Shipping

Djibouti April 2000

A panoramic view of the harbor of Djibouti with the trucks and the ship on the background.

Food aid in the most isolated villages in Haiti - WFP truck convoy in Haiti

Haiti, Mapou, June 2004

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) delivered food aid to some of the most isolated villages in the mountainous Mapou district of south-eastern Haiti.

Food Convoy - Logistics

Afghanistan, Nahrin, March 2002

A WFP 4x4 Toyota vehicle leads an emergency food convoy towards destroyed City of Nahrin to assist the victims of a series of earthquakes that hit Baghlan Province on 25 and 26 March 2002.
ACTED reported 10,000 people homeless, over 1,000 dead and 4,600 houses destroyed.
Initially WFP participated on a joint UN mission to Baghlan, dispatching over 550 tons of food from Mazar towards five destinations in Nahrin district to cover the needs of 7,000 people for one month. Additional recovery and reconstruction assistance is currently being provided.


To reach remote areas of the country where access is impossible with offroad vehicles the World Food Programme uses the aid of elephants to transport food aid for delivery to the needy population.

Airdrop Operation - UNHAS

Kenya, May 2004

Airdrop Operation

Emergency Operation - Logistics

Indonesia, Calang February 2005

A WFP pick-up airlifted by helicopter to Calang for the use of WFP's staff there. The city of Calang was hit very hardly by the Tsunami that struck the region on December 26th 2004 by consequence the terrain around Calang has become very hostile.

Food assistance to war affected people - Logistics

Angola, Kuito, May 2002

A WFP aircraft offloads food that will be distributed in the IDP camp of Kaluapanda, near Kuito, Bie Province. Each beneficiary receives 15kgs of food for one month.

Air drops in Sudan
Delivering food by land, sea and air, WFP Logistics is the essential link in operations that bring food asssistance to an average of 100 million people worldwide every year.