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Syrian Arabic Republic - Joint Rapid Food Security Needs Assessment, June 2012

In response to the ongoing situation in the country and following the agreement of the Syrian Government, which was expressed in a letter dated 8 March 2012, sent by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, a Government-led humanitarian assessment mission, supported by a UN-OIC joint mission, gathered information from national sources, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), local community leaders, religious figures, local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and Community-Based Organizations (CBO), ordinary Syrians and professionals from all communities and political views between 18 and 26 March 2012 and came up with the Syria Humanitarian Assistance Response Plan. Both FAO and WFP participated in the mission in close collaboration with UN system and relevant line ministries and came up with their respective project profiles under the response plan. FAO appealed for a total of USD 8 million under the livelihood sector to restore livelihoods so as to avoid the exacerbation of existing humanitarian needs, assist affected poor rural population to restore and/or sustain their livelihood, and support families who have lost their primary income earner during the events. Similarly, WFP appealed for a total of USD71 million under the food sector to provide food to people affected by the ongoing events and support and strengthen SARC’s capacity to assess and respond to food needs.