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Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation Sri Lanka 10756.0

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This operation has been modified as per Budget revision 02 (see below).

The new protracted relief and recovery operation for Sri Lanka for the period 2009–2010 aims to save lives and protect livelihoods of vulnerable people affected by the conflict.

Beneficiaries are displaced people, returning internally displaced persons and those affected by the conflict but living in their own homes. Vulnerable groups in neighbouring communities are included to ensure equity of assistance in accordance with the “do no harm” principle.

The specific needs of children and women will be addressed through food for education and mother-and-child health and nutrition activities.

The principal component will be targeted relief food distribution.

Rebuilding activities through food for work or training will concentrate on livelihoods and household food security.

All activities will be implemented through government counterparts, ensuring sustainability through integration with government policies and complementarity with government activities such as school and supplementary feeding. This will facilitate the hand-over strategies developed during the operation.

Sri Lanka – a low-income, food-deficit country – is affected by increasing global food and fuel prices. A recent WFP survey concluded that WFP-assisted households spend an average of 63 percent of their incomes on food, and more than 90 percent of displaced and returning households are below the poverty line set by the Government.

The country’s high malnutrition rates, particularly in conflict-affected areas, and tendency for sudden natural disasters create a potential for further deterioration of the conditions of affected people.

WFP’s assessments prove the need for food assistance in these areas and indicate that current WFP activities have largely achieved the goals of maintaining good nutritional intake and preventing increased malnutrition rates among beneficiaries.

All planned assistance is in line with government and humanitarian planning, the Millennium Development Goals and WFP’s new Strategic Objectives 1, 3, 4 and 5.

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