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Kenya - 2012-2013 Short Rains Season Assessment, February 2013

The 2012 October to December short rains assessments were carried out from January 28th to February 8th, 2013. The assessments were conducted under the auspices of the Kenya Food Security Steering Group (KFSSG), jointly by the Government of Kenya (GoK), United Nations (UN), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and the District Steering Groups (DSGs).
The goal of the assessment was to provide an objective, evidence-based, and transparent analysis of the food security situation after the 2012 October to December short rains, taking into consideration the cumulative effects of the previous two seasons. Besides, the assessment aimed to provide timely food security prognosis for the March to August 2013 period, considering climate outlook for the long rains 2013 provided by the Kenya Meteorological Department, and also proposed possible options for response in the various food security related sectors for six months, March to August 2013.