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India - Food Security Atlas of Rural Jharkhand, 2008

This report is an effort to provide a district level profile of food security in Jharkhand. As the country moves towards greater devolution and decentralization, data at disaggregated levels remains a stumbling block. District level data is notoriously inadequate and this report urges that greater attention be paid to data collection and dissemination at sub-state levels. The next chapter – Chapter 2 – provides an overview of the state and places it in the context of other states in the country. In line with
the current – and correct – approach that emphasises outcomes rather than inputs, Chapter 3 derives a composite index of food security outcomes and provides a brief methodological note. It draws a distinction between the Food Security Outcome Index (FSOI) that is based on outcome measures on the one hand, and the Food Security Index (FSI) that is a composite index of the factors that are critical to food security on the other hand. Chapters 4 to 6 analyse the food security situation along the dimensions of availability, access and absorption. The most food insecure districts both in terms of outcomes and in terms of the factors that contribute to it are given in Chapter 7. This chapter also discusses strategies for action that emerge from our analysis, in the context of the broader state and national strategic interventions already in place. This is most significant from the perspective of policy. Chapter 8 wraps up with the final conclusions.