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Immediate Response Emergency Operation-Indonesia

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1.Location: Mentawai Island, West Sumatra, Indonesia

2. Cause: 25th October a powerful earthquake (7.2 RS) struck off the west coast of Sumatra triggering a Tsunami.

3. Effects: The Tsunami hit the islands of Mentawai killing 430 people and displacing 15,000 people.  The total population of the affected districts is 34,500 people.

4. Total numbers affected and in need of emergency food aid: The 2009 Food Security and Vulnerability Atlas shows that the islands are highly vulnerable to food insecurity, with a low under five malnutrition indicators, any additional shock pushes these communities further along the scale of vulnerability.  Prior to the Tsunami these islands were dependent upon the mainland for food supply.  The government is mobilising supplies of staple foo stocks.WFP's plan is to mitigate any further deterioritation in nutritional status therefore will target vulnerable groups of women and children. Initial report estimate are 4,500 are under 5 years oldand 1,700 are mothers (PLW). These figures are expected to increase as all districts are assessed.  At this stage in the planning for food aid assistance planning a total case load of 11,000 beneficiaries is estimated.

5. WFP response will be to support the government to achieve efficient and effective food distribution systems on the islands of Mentawai in the affected district. From previous emergencies experience, staple food is generally supplied through the government public distribution systems and often supported by the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), and often the private sector. The constraints are in the management and handling of these commodities. Prior to the Tsunami 40 percent of the villages are not accessible by road (FSVA). WFP will aslo provide support to the Disaster Management and Response Agency (BNPB) at a district level on emergency food needs assessment.

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