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Haiti: An Evaluation of WFP’s Portfolio (2005-2010)

The Haiti Country Portfolio Evaluation (CPE) encompasses the 14 World Food Programme (WFP) operations that were active between May 2005 and December 2010.

Given the extraordinarily challenging operating environment in Haiti over the period of evaluation, the Haiti CO has had some remarkable successes.  In addition to recurring natural disasters, WFP Haiti has been faced with other destabilizing factors such as civil and political unrest which characterized the period 2005-2008, the food-fuel-financial crisis of 2007 - 2008, and the coinciding launch of the WFP new strategic plan.  In the midst of this instability, coupled with the complexity of operating within an integrated mission, WFP Haiti has made great strides in partnering with the government and in meeting the changing needs of the Haitian people, both during the response phase as well as during development and recovery.

Given the nature of the Haiti country portfolio, WFP’s role in relation to SO1 has been of primary importance and is the area where WFP is strongest.  The challenge that WFP faces in the more targeted activities is in balancing corporate and government priorities, especially in a volatile post-emergency context.