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Assistance for Recovery and Nutrition Rehabilitation



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A budget revision to the Indonesia protracted relief and recovery operation (PRRO) 10069.2 “Assistance to Recovery and Nutrition Rehabilitation” is proposed to: 

Extend the project for one year from 1st January to 31st December 2011. 

Despite steady improvements since the 1998 crisis, socio-economic recovery in Indonesia has been hampered by increasing population, poorly developed infrastructure and insufficient resources for human development. In Eastern Indonesia, high levels of malnutrition, poor dietary education and micronutrient deficiencies, particularly among children and mothers, are common.

In line with Government policy, this operation addresses micronutrient deficiency through fortified food interventions targeting children aged 2–5, pregnant and lactating women and primary schoolchildren aged 6–13, combined with health, hygiene and nutrition education for beneficiaries and training for health staff and cooperating partners. It will seek greater convergence with government and donor-supported programmes in the same sectors: for example, complementary food for children aged 6–24 months will be a Government programme, with WFP offering training and technical assistance.

Food-for-work, food-for-training and community development projects funded by the Operasi Pasan Swadaya Masyarakat (subsidized rice safety net) trust fund will complement the operation. WFP will continue advocacy for improvements in budgeting for the social sector and assist in mapping food insecurity and in nutritional surveillance. All food for the operation is produced and purchased locally; some imported in-kind wheat will be exchanged for biscuits and noodles. WFP has a unique opportunity to influence the use of micronutrient fortification in commercial products.

The programme focuses on rural and suburban areas of West Timor, Lombok, Madura, East Java and Greater Jakarta. A contingency reserve is held for earthquakes, flooding and landslides.

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