The WFP Centre of Excellence is slated to become a global reference and source of expertise on all aspects of school feeding. The Centre provides capacity development opportunities and technical expertise to governments.It will lead knowledge management on school feeding and offer a platform for advocacy.

Capacity Development

Capacity Development represents the Centre of Excellence’s main pillar to develop sustainable solutions against hunger. The Centre will offer policy advice, technical assistance and learning and training opportunities.

- Policy Advice:

The Centre of Excellence provides support on request to countries willing to develop sound policy, legal and financial frameworks in school feeding, nutrition and food security. For instance:

  • It can provide advice to integrate inter-sectoral approaches -where health, education, environment and human rights are part of the national school feeding programme.
  • The Centre can support policy dialogue and advocacy efforts to build strong commitment to school feeding in the different sectors involved at country level, and large buy in among the population, development partners and other stakeholders. 
  • One of the areas of expertise is how to incorporate specific approaches for school children with special needs (i.e. girls, ethnic and religious minorities, children affected by particular illness, etc).

- Technical assistance:

The Centre of Excellence supports national capacities through technical assistance in the design and implementation of school feeding strategies and programmes in accordance with recognized standards of best practice. The Centre technical assistance will support and strengthen ongoing country processes and existing national strategies and plans for school feeding.

Support can be provided in areas such as institutional frameworks for implementation, monitoring and evaluation systems, community participation, mechanisms for purchase from small holder farmers, and food nutritional quality and safety.
In the partner countries, the Centre of Excellence operates through WFP Country Offices. In-country technical assistance will be considered at the request of the governments. Requests should be channelled through the country WFP Representative.

- Learning and training opportunities

The Centre of Excellence is a space for sharing the Brazilian experience and other successful strategies and tools from around the world in order to build knowledge and capacity of governments.
It is foreseen that the Centre of Excellence will organize trainings and workshops for national governments to promote good practices in school feeding. It can provide advice and support on training programmes.

Knowledge Management

The Centre of Excellence aims at becoming a global reference and source of international and national expertise school feeding.

- A Global Platform on School Feeding

The Centre of Excellence will create a web-based knowledge and resource platform on school feeding.  It will host a virtual library on school feeding. The library will also be the repository of statistical data and information related to school feeding worldwide, including research and evaluation data sets and relevant statistical data on school feeding.
The Centre is also establishing a roster of experts by functional areas.

- Research and Innovation

There are many different programmes operated worldwide, and many actors involved in the delivery of school feeding programmes. In many countries, governments are developing their own road to school feeding. As a result, new successful models and experiences have developed.

The Centre of Excellence will facilitate learning and knowledge sharing through the identification, analysis and documentation of practices and innovative approaches to school feeding. It will work in partnership with universities, research centers and national and international organizations.

New communication technologies and information management systems, recent breakthroughs in the agriculture sector – such as the development of bio fortification –and progresses in food storage and processing, all offer new perspectives to school feeding that need to be explored and documented to benefit the global school feeding community. 


The Centre of Excellence promotes international dialogue on good practices and effectiveness of school feeding programmes. It supports WFP’s global, regional and country efforts to advocate the benefits of school feeding to national governments, development partners, the private sector, civil society and communities.