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Cash and vouchers stories

Palestine: Innovation, Partnerships And 'One Card' To Assist Those In Need
Web Story17 Nov 2015
Assistance For Displaced People Returning To DRC
Web Story14 Oct 2015
In Kenya, WFP Introduces Electronic Cash Transfers For Refugees In Kakuma Camps
Web Story15 Sep 2015
A Little Food Card With A Big Impact
Web Story01 Sep 2015
Cash Transfers Help Ebola Survivors Make a Full Recovery
Web Story21 Jul 2015
Making a Difference Through E-Transfer Cards in South Sudan
Web Story20 Jul 2015
World Refugee Day In Ecuador: "Food Tastes Better when we are Together"
Web Story18 Jun 2015
Philippines: Parent Volunteers In Dolores Thankful For Typhoon Ruby Cash Assistance
Web Story27 Feb 2015
Ecuadorian Women Harvest the Fruits of their Labour
Web Story04 Feb 2015
Fleeing Family Enjoys Taste Of Home In Northern Iraq
Web Story09 Dec 2014
In Western Ethiopia, A Cash-And-Food Initiative For Refugees Reaps Big Rewards
Web Story16 Oct 2014
Flood Protection Beyond Dams: Building Resilience In Bangladesh
Web Story19 May 2014
In Gaza, WFP Turns Women Into Community Nutritionists
Web Story29 Apr 2014
Colombia: Displaced Families Redeem "Virtual Vouchers"
Web Story21 Feb 2014
10 Images of WFP Fighting Hunger in Malawi
Web Story29 Jan 2014