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Will you be learning about the world and its challenges as you work on a country report at school this year?

Your favourite resource is now just a click away.

Hunger is about more than just statistics. It’s about the people it affects, and their stories of hardship transforming into stories of hope with the right assistance. That’s why we’re excited to share with you our new interactive hunger map. We’ve woven together stories of the people WFP helps into our snapshot of hunger in the world.  When you click on a country, you’ll see its rates of malnutrition and food security, learn about innovative WFP programs at work there, and meet people whose lives are being brightened by new opportunities. In a colour-coded easy to follow format, this map is a research tool, a teaching tool, and an awareness-raising tool all at once.

Hunger map

This map makes it clear that hunger is one of the most pressing challenges facing our growing world. 1 in 8 people in the world will go to bed hungry tonight. There are far too many countries sporting the bright shades on the map indicating unacceptably high levels of malnutrition and hunger.

As you explore the stories of people who’ve received help from WFP, you’ll see how we can turn these statistics around person by person, family by family. This map is a powerful reminder that hunger is solvable – and that solving it is our generation’s greatest opportunity. Happy clicking.