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How You Can Take Strides Against Hunger

All around the world people are coming up with clever ways to fight hunger, in their own lives and for others. For Thomas Debandt, that meant walking 1,000 kilometers from Switzerland to Rome, Italy.


He started his trek with one goal: to raise enough money to help the World Food Programme (WFP) feed 1,200 people. His fundraising toolkit? A smartphone.

Thomas signed up for the Charity Miles app and while he did the walking, it did the donating. So for every step he took towards Rome, he was helping someone get the nutritious food she needed for a healthy start. Thomas’ facebook page covers the amazing ups and downs of his journey to help WFP people get food to people in need. But climbing over mountains and along the sea can be a bit intimidating, not to mention tough to schedule between classes.

Thomas posing with the city of Rome in the background
You can help fight hunger with just a simple action through Charity Miles, even if it’s just walking to class. As long as you run, walk, or bike from one point to another, Charity Miles can track your distance and match it with a donation to WFP. WFP receives US$0.25 for every mile (1.6 km) you run or walk from Charity Miles sponsors, which is the cost of a meal to a hungry child. Trading miles crossed for meals donated means that your exercise to stay healthy can actually help solve hunger; ultimately building the brains and bodies of the next generation, too.