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What Does It Take To Fly In Iraq?

In this episode, Philippe Martou, joins us from Baghdad where he is the Head of the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) in Iraq. Martou talks about the challenges involved with setting up and running this operation, and also gives us a glimpse into what it’s like to live and work for WFP in Baghdad.

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Philippe flying a plane close-up Philippe serves as the Head of the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) of Iraq, based in Baghdad. Since joining WFP in 2001 he has worked in a number of emergencies, including the 2005 tsunami in Indonesia and earthquake in Pakistan. Philippe has logged more than 5,000 hours as a pilot of C130 airplanes.


Philippe, thank you for

Philippe, thank you for everything you do for the humanitarian workers in Iraq. You make our work much easier than it would otherwise be.