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School Meals: An Investment In The Future

School-meals experts and policy makers are gathering in Bahia, Brazil this week for the Global Child Nutrition Forum, hosted for the first time by WFP's Centre of Excellence against Hunger. In this episode, we talked with the centre's director, Daniel Balaban, to find out what national governments have to learn about the role of school meals in eradicating hunger.

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Daniel Balaban speakingDaniel Balaban is the Director of the World Food Programme’s Centre of Excellence Against Hunger in Brazil and has been a member of GCNF’s Board of Directors since January 2008. Daniel’s passionate leadership over the years has led to a collaboration between WFP Brazil and GCNF for the upcoming Forum in Bahia, Brazil.
The WFP Centre of Excellence, located in Brasilia, Brazil, officially opened in March 2011 to bridge the Brazilian government to countries throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America.
The Centre’s goal is to promote sustainable school feeding models and establish other food and nutrition safety nets. The Centre has already begun partnerships with the governments of Brazil, Mozambique, East Timor, and Haiti. Find out more